Online Auslan interpreted performance coming soon to Lockdown Town!

Due to extended Victorian COVID restrictions, we’re unable to perform LIVE at the Flow festival with an Auslan interpreter.

You can however register free to the festival which will be online and catch some Auslan interpreted SuburbanProphets shows and videos. Just click here for details and free registration. There’s a heap of creative Deaf artists showcasing their work also.

How does a Rock ‘n’ Roll band perform to a Deaf or hard of hearing audience?

Auslan interpreted performance picture (2016)

Check out the upcoming online Flow Festival here. FLOW festival will deliver a vibrant and unique festival of Deaf Arts by the Australian Deaf Community from 18th to 21st September 2021 online. It will showcase Auslan, Australian Sign Language through many different artistic forms

Well, we have done this before back in 2016. Here’s a quote from The Guardian (14/12/2016)

When Suburban Prophets come on, the evening kicks into gear – the hard and dark rock band have turned the bass up to 11. The buzz is so strong it thrums through the air and lands in the collarbone; even the cider bottle in my hand is vibrating. This is music for the deaf: vibration piped right into the bones, bypassing the ears.